Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Speed Bumps

The standard refrain from The Money Pit, "Two more weeks...," is starting to hit home:

The mason finally came and started the chimney/wood stove/fireplace.  However, he was delayed because of an elbow infection that put him in the hospital and has put in a total of 2 days work in the past 2 weeks.  Without the chimney through the second floor we can't frame in the bathroom upstairs.  Without the bathroom framed we can't locate the plumbing, without plumbing we can't do anything else inside.  And without the chimney through the roof, the roofing will get delayed as well.

Since our plumber is a pumpkin head like my brother the delay puts us too close to Halloween, so he's off the job.  The hunt for a new plumber begins tonight.

Called to order the siding today.  The color we want is a special order (but only in the size we want - 4" exposure) so we have to wait 3 weeks or that and will have to order extra since it only comes in full pallets.

Called to order exterior doors.  Also a special order.  Figures.

Called to order the sewer ejector pump today so it would be ready when the plumber does get going.  They won't be getting any in for a couple weeks.

Roofer, or materials, weren't there today.  Hopefully this week.

On a positive note- the framers have continued to be excellent.  Basement stairs went in.  Mud room was built.  Closets were framed in.  Mudroom doors and landings were built.  Exterior sheathing was completely nailed and taped.

The girls enjoying the newly framed mud room.
2 days of work: the chimney foundation was built, the fireplace and wood stove thimbles were built.  Since then, stalled.
Tub and shower delivered.
Rain.  We're not completely waterproof yet with the ridge vent open.  Need shingles soon.
Does whatever the older sister does... whether it makes sense or not.
The result of 5 unsupervised minutes in the back yard.

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