Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Besides the pictures below -
The roof will be shingled by tomorrow (Dick Prefontaine works Saturdays AND Sundays.  I love it!)
Finished grading should start tomorrow and utility trenches in by the end of the week.
Plumber should be starting mid week.
I'm sure there's other stuff I can't remember right now.

The windows are in.
The mason is through the roof.
My poor car.
One post is up at least.
One window trimmed out.
My mill shop.
What happens when you make 7 cuts on 100 pieces of PVC trim.  The "saw dust" filled a large trash barrel (about 25 shovels full cleaning it up).
The mass-produced window trim pieces.  Now I just have to put them together and put them on the house and fill the nail hoes and paint them.  THEN I can start the siding.
I see the light!  Amy is so excited I can work at night now too.
So excited she fell asleep on the lumber pile in the driveway.  Or is this yoga?

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  1. Don't let Amy catch you filling those "nail hoes!"