Saturday, May 28, 2011

New house, new...

...job!  I've done the "new house, new baby" thing twice already.  I figured I'd change things up a bit this time.  I am now officially my dad.  Auburn Middle School 8th grade science teacher.

On the house front - this week has been very busy and exhausting laying flooring.  Amy came over with the kids on Thursday and loaded all the trash from the garage into the dumpster.  Thursday and Friday nights Amy and I worked until nearly midnight to get the dining/kitchen/front hall/foyer floors done.   Restarting the flooring after stopping for a day was wicked hard since the glue that sets in at the tongue of the last finished row can prevent the first new row of the day form going in.  Amy and I wrestled with the first row on Thursday for over an hour trying to scrape hardened glue out from under the tongues after the new glue was already spread.  Very messy.

With the floors done my dad and I started installing cabinets today.  Met with Jeff again about grading the back yard.  He guaranteed it would be done this weekend... but then again, that guarantee has been in place every weekend since October and nothing has been done yet.  We'll see.

The view down the hall towards the front door.
The front foyer and front closet.  When we got to the closet with the flooring we discovered that the closet is 2 inches out of square!  The right side of the closet is a full 2" deeper than the left.  Drunk framers...
Looking into the dining room bay.  The tape is used to hold the joints tight while the glue sets. 
Two top cabinets up.  Dad is chipping away at the plaster to get the wire for the under-cabinet lighting to come out just below the cabinet.  The top cabinets took a long time since we also had to cut out hole in the back of each to allow for an outlet for the over cabinet lighting.
All that could be done today.  Having stuff in the room will take some getting used to.
The pantry corner.  Top cabinet on the left will hold microwave and cookbooks in open shelves.  Fridge will go to the left of those.  Stove goes in the gap between the two cabinets.  Deep drawers will hold pots and pans.  Range hood will go between the uppers.
Apron sink goes on the low section.  Dish washer to the left in the opening.  2nd oven goes in the open cabinet to the right of the sink.  Once the counter top is on there will be a tower on the far right and left with glass front cabinets up top.

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