Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary

On May 18, 2010 the first trees were cleared from our lot and this whole process began in earnest.
Here's an update on where things stand one year later:
One year ago, yesterday.
A slow week for me while the finish carpenters set up shop in the kitchen, play room, and garage to install stairs and balcony railings.  But now that they're out of there I'm getting going on the kitchen/dining/front hall floors.
With the stairs done we could start installing real flooring Friday after work.  Started in the play room.  The laundry room was the first room done thanks to a late Saturday night with Amy.
Continued into the rest of the room on Sunday.  I did the little closets in the morning and dad came over for the afternoon to do the big area.
This helps explain why my back hurt all week...
The new toy: pneumatic flooring nailer.  After struggling to make it work (not split or buckle the wood) and still messing up a lot of spots, I did some research and discovered strand woven bamboo is best glued down since it is so hard and nearly impossible to nail.  The rest of the house will be glued.
After a hard day's work.  But we got the whole thing done in a weekend!

Carpenters were delayed because one of the newell posts was damaged on delivery.  We got the new one with the door delivery and the balcony railing is now done!  No more fear of letting the kids go upstairs.
The top of the stair case as seen from the play room.
The top of the stair case as seen from the landing outside the bedrooms.
Tile guy was also there to do the shower and bathtub tiling.   A little more wood trim work to do around the tub and then it's done.  You can't see it from here, but the shower floor is tumbled stones to match the band up on the shower wall.  Meeting with the glass wall guy this weekend.

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  1. It is coming along so quickly now. Everything look so beautiful, you are doing such an amazing job, where do you find the time?
    The wall in the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs - is it stone? It's looks gorgeous.