Friday, August 27, 2010

Top and Bottom

Exciting day today.  Framers worked on top to put up the main gables and roof.  Flatwork guys worked on the bottom to pour and finish the basement floor. 

I also spent the morning digging a trench for the footing in the garage floor only to learn that it needed to be filled to re-level the floor with gravel.  And it was deflating to see the John Deere dig out the trench in two scoops after it took me a couple hours the first time.

Joe's gift upon his return from Mexico was a truck that wouldn't start and was buried a foot in the mud.  It got me worried the concrete trucks wouldn't be able to get to the house.  But all went well.
They were able to send the concrete across the garage and all the way across the house without wheel barrows and without having to take out any basement windows.
It required a Rube Goldberg assortment of chutes, but it worked surprisingly well.

The front gable is up!  Amazingly, the house actually looks like my 2D drawings.  Tomorrow the front porch will be built.  Then I can really compare it to my drawings.

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