Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paint and Pine

Friday-Sunday: All painting all day.
Monday: 70 boxes of flooring @ 80 pounds each = 5600 pounds of flooring carried into the house.
Tuesday: Arms too tried to function all day.  First trailer load of pine boards for bedroom floors after work.
Wednesday: Second and third trailer loads.  Thanks to Jeff, Paul, and Dad for taking two afternoons to help me lug heavy, sappy, dirty boards and stack them around the house.  Annika's 4th birthday today too!

Cleaning plaster dust from window frames with a q-tip.
No running water. Instead times snow melt off the roof provided necessary brush cleaning.
Creative roller storage.
Annika got to start rolling her room.
And Ella too.
It all started out so nicely.  Ella demonstrating proper roller technique.
A badly timed handoff.
Not enjoying the paint in the hair.
Not believing me when I explained it will wash out.
After painting the inside of her closet.  She worked for an hour without getting tired or complaining.
Fireplace mantel: $20.00!!! - Just have to dry it for a few months and finish it.
A bedroom full of pine boards - stacked and ready for drying.... long, slow drying.
Bob at the saw mill wasn't kidding when he said he could get me WIDE pine boards. (narrowest are 10", widest are 22")

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